Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries
We know what boundaries are, how to define them, and the purpose they serve.  So now what?

Setting boundaries, taking action, can be a challenge.  We are asking ourselves to do something we maybe have not done before, are not aware we should be doing, or haven’t done in a very long time. Before we can actively make changes, we need to identify what those changes are going to be.

To help you identify where you should be setting boundaries, I want you to answer the following questions:

Do you always say yes for fear of rejection or abandonment?

Do you feel obligated to take on tasks?

Do you share your personal life with coworkers or strangers?

Do you remain at events or in conversations longer than you intended?

Do you put everyone’s needs before yourself?

Do you find yourself explaining all of your decisions to others?

Are your goals and dreams a secret?

Do you apologize excessively?

Is self-care at the bottom of your list?

Do you let others stand too closely to you?

If someone is in a bad mood, are you then in a bad mood?

Do you often blame others?

Do you base how you feel about yourself on how others treat you?

Do you allow others to make decisions for you?

For every question that you answered YES to, there may be an opportunity to implement boundaries.  Think about specific situations for the questions you said YES.  

Think about, perhaps even begin writing or sharing with a professional, what would the benefit be of changing that answer from a YES to a NO.