Purpose of Boundaries

What’s the purpose of boundaries? 

Maintain balance

Boundaries, emotional or physical, can help maintain balance and stability.  When you know your limits, and you share this with others, it promotes give and take.  One side is not doing all the taking or all the giving.  Boundaries support even exchange.

Decrease stress

By knowing your limits and boundaries, you are alleviating stress and pressure from your life.  Sometimes there can be great relief in simply saying no.  Standing in your truth and remaining genuine with your self provides clarity.  Clarity decreases stress.

Maintain or establish safety 

Another purpose of boundaries is to establish or maintain safety (physical or emotional).  A boundary is a limit that can let others know “this is not ok” or “this is not acceptable” or “I am not in agreement with this.”

Alternative form of communication

A final purpose of boundaries is enhancing your message or providing an alternative form of communication.  Boundaries do not have to be spoken. Demonstrating boundaries in a non-verbal way (such as not attending a party) can serve as an alternative way of communicating. Not everyone will hear your verbal message, so let your body language or actions be another way to express your boundary.

Start in small ways and let boundaries be a regular and healthy part of your life!