Couples Therapy

How can couples therapy help us?

What is couples therapy?

Am I satisfied with my relationship?

Does my partner express satisfaction?

Do we feel like or operate as a team?

Is something missing?

Whether you’ve been together for two years or twenty, most couples can benefit from seeing a therapist trained in couples work.  A trained clinician will not only explore what’s happening in the relationship, but will also look at what each individual brings to the relationship.  Couples often work in complementary ways where one partner’s strength is another partner’s limitation.  These strengths and limits can be a constant conflict if not understood and used in appropriate ways.

Therapy can help couples break negative routines, bringing them closer together.  Additionally, a therapist can work with the couple to help then discover a new path for their relationship and assist each partner in hearing the other side and voicing their own.

If you feel there is high tension and conflict in your relationship, or you are ships passing in the night, relationship therapy with a trained clinician may be something to consider.

Here is an article on the importance of working with a licensed marriage and family therapist.