Learning to Trust

Learning to Trust

Learning to trust again can be difficult in relationships where addiction is present.
Addiction takes out trust the second it enters a relationship, and usually it starts with not trusting ourselves.

Trust develops in relationships when two people are trustworthy – they show up and follow through.  Addiction leaves many people doubting and questioning themselves and others.

You can start to rebuild the trust in yourself by

  • Saying no when it feels right
  • Making and keeping promises to yourself
  • Paying attention to what you say to yourself, and correcting anything that is hurtful
  • Identifying people in your life that you believe are trustworthy and moving closer to them
  • Paying close to attention to those people and choose one trust building behavior to mimic
  • Being consistent in your behavior
  • Don’t give up on yourself; you’re worth it
  • Take healthy risks, like going for a job promotion or bringing a welcome meal to a new neighbor
  • Treat yourself just like a best friend by being honest and kind


Developing trust within yourself allows you to form healthy and trustworthy relationships with others so that you can finally feel secure again.