How To Set Boundaries

Specific techniques on how to set boundaries:
Take a minute again to answer these questions to start the process of how to set boundaries:

Do you always say yes for fear of rejection or abandonment?
Do you feel obligated to take on tasks?
Do you share your personal life with coworkers or strangers?
Do you remain at events or in conversations longer than you intended?
Do you put everyone’s needs before yourself?
Do you find yourself explaining all of your decisions to others?
Are your goals and dreams a secret?
Do you apologize excessively?Is self-care at the bottom of your list?
Do you let others stand too closely to you?If someone is in a bad mood, are you then in a bad mood?
Do you often blame others?
Do you base how you feel about yourself on how others treat you?
Do you allow others to make decisions for you?

For every question you answered YES, there is an opportunity to change.Determine what question would require the least amount of energy and effort.  We want to start easy first so you can build on success and strength as you move toward more challenging boundaries.

Now, with that question in mind, answer the following:

What would be the benefit of changing this answer to a NO?
What will be required of me to make this change?
Who can support me in this change?
What are some roadblocks in making this change?
How can I overcome these roadblocks?

Last, and most important:
What will be my first step toward making that change? What is one small action step I can take?

The smaller the steps, the more manageable the change.  The more manageable the change, the greater confidence and success you will experience! Now you know how to set boundaries!