Addiction and feelings

Addiction and feelings

Addiction and feelings can be a difficult mix, usually resulting in the unspoken rule of Don’t Feel.

Two approaches are usually at play with the unspoken rule of Don’t Feel.  We are either shut off from all emotions or reacting primarily with anger.  Addiction can make it seem like its not safe to express our feelings, and this exact denial of emotions is what keeps the <unhealthy> cycle going.

The first step in combating this rule is to identify your emotions. Here are some feelings you may experience with examples of where they can come from:


  • because your children are crying and confused
  • when you feel left alone and shut down
  • at watching your loved one hurt themselves


  • of speaking up or asking questions
  • of not being home to monitor everything
  • when there is yelling in the home


  • when your loved one is under the influence in front of others
  • when your family members ask you direct and honest questions
  • because your loved one is not taking care of themselves


  • for thinking if you were different, the addiction wouldn’t be here
  • for being so angry with someone you are supposed to love
  • for feeling ashamed of your loved one

Identifying your emotions allows you to express yourself clearly so that you can live a genuine life, free of guessing and misinterpreting.

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