Talking to Kids About Addiction

Talking to kids about addiction, part one

Talking to kids about addiction can feel scary.  You don’t know what to say, when to have to conversation, how much or how little to share.  It never feels like a good time.  This isn’t exactly a topic that people are chomping at the bit to talk about.

And yet, its vital.  Having the conversation about addiction may save your kids life.

There can be a lot to consider when you are going to have this conversation.

Here is Part One:

The three unspoken rules that are usually present when addiction is part of a family are:

  • Don’t Talk
  • Don’t Trust
  • Don’t Feel

The unspoken rules can help guide your conversation, your behavior, and your relationships with your family members.  Learn what not to do, how to start the talking, build trust, and express feelings.

By breaking these unspoken rules, you are moving your family in a health direction, towards a healthier lifestyle, and changing the way of doing things for future generations.

Finally, this video offers a more in depth look at these rules, how they are present in the family system, and what to think about when addiction is a part of your family, past or present.

How to talk with your kids about addiction

How to talk with your kids about addiction: Learning the unspoken rules

Posted by Brynn Cicippio, LMFT & Associates on Tuesday, December 5, 2017