Resolutions for self

What are your new year resolutions?
A new year traditionally brings about a time of reflection and change.  Many individuals look at what they want to do better, what they want to change, and set several goals for themselves at once.  Did you know that only 8% of people who make resolutions actually achieve them? (Forbes, 2013)
In this blog series, we will look at ways to identify what you have been doing that’s working well.  Let’s not change what isn’t broken and instead focus on maximizing strengths already present.  You will find four specific sections that explore strengths related to recovery, relationships, self-esteem, and family.  Take some time to reflect on the sections that most match your current lifestyle and from there focus on what has been going well.
Self-esteem can be a complex battle for so many.  Here are some statements to start looking at the ways you have successfully boosted your confidence over the last year.  Feeling good about yourself and your abilities is the foundation of all other work in your life.
1.  I can laugh at myself.
2.  I can say no to others when feeling overwhelmed whether its friends, family, coworkers, children.
3. I have hobbies.
4. I take healthy risks.  Healthy risks do not have a component of harm (such a driving a car 100mph) but do have a great reward if the desired outcome is achieved.
5. I can name five qualities I admire in myself.
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