Is My Loved One Addicted?

Is my loved one addicted? How do we answer this question

Trying to answer the question “Is my loved one addicted” can create confusion, denial, and even false accusations.  When thinking about abusing drugs and alcohol, there are some checkpoints to consider that can help us answer this question.

  • Sudden change in mood
  • Swift change in financial status
  • Debt collectors, utilities suspended
  • Cash or credit cards missing; new credit cards
  • Change in friendships
  • Stopping hobbies, interests

While this is not an exclusive list, it can start guide your thought process.  You may not be able to definitively answer this questions just from this list.  However, what you can do though, is you can use this list to bring your concerns to your loved one.

Start the conversation with, “I’ve been feeling something has been different.  I don’t know exactly what is happening, but this is what I am noticing…”

Here is a detailed video talking more about the signs you may see and what exactly to look for.

Is my loved one addicted?

Is my loved one addicted?

Posted by Brynn Cicippio, LMFT & Associates on Tuesday, October 24, 2017